Thursday, January 23, 2014

Faces of CharlotteBelle

Here are a few of her at 2 months/9 weeks.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CharlotteBelle is four weeks old!

(Written December 15)

Her birth story will be posted soon. I can't believe she has been here for four weeks! It doesn't seem possible.

So far she has gained over 2 pounds and that was at our 3 week post partum check so not sure what she is up to now.

A few pictures.

39 weeks

*written 3 months ago, kept forgetting to post*

It has been a long time since I posted.  I am going to attempt an update but not sure I can do the last 6 months justice!

Last I posted was about our driven point well, we worked and worked at it but it stopped moving, we hit some rock we couldn't get through.  So the pipe still sits there and we haul water.  It wouldn't be such an issue if we had a car.

To the car. It died at the end of May.  I won't go into the horrid details of those first weeks, it was ugly and really taxing and a true trial in survival.  Over the next month, Chip got a scooter and we found a driver who drives Amish who was willing to drive me to town too, he also let's me fill all the jugs and buckets I can from his well, truly a God send. 

We made it through the summer, our first with no electricity, and it wasn't as awful as we thought and didn't change our minds on power :).  Life without electricity is pretty nice and peaceful.     Frankly we miss Internet and long for it more than ever, but not electricity.Currently I just have a basic prepaid flip phone with mobile web.  Think 2005.  Add in having awful signal here and it is a challenge. I have my old smartphone which I update every other week with rides into town.  That is how I wrote this.  I am hoping it works so I can share pictures and such. 

Now for baby talk! I am technically 'due' November 9th, my birthday, but Paul was born at 43 weeks and Dolores at just under 42, I am feeling it'll be around the 18th, time will tell! (CharlotteBelle was born November 17th) This is also a surprise and I haven't had a good hunch either way, some days I think boy others girl. We shall see.  The kids, especially Paul, are so excited, tons of questions about the baby and how big it will be, where it will sleep.   Dolores can't wait until I can carry her more and for me to have a lap again! I am sometimes ready, others not.  I want to know what life with this new little one will be like, nervous about how I will get all my work done and keep up, but of course excited too.

I think the best thing about now is that life actually seems to finally be getting settled.  If you go and read the post you will be reminded of where this all started.  It still seems like yesterday.  Two and a half years, and still some people don't get it. Time stopped that day.  I realized a few weeks ago, while talking to the kids about the coming baby, that even in my mind they were still just a little over 4 and 1.5. It was that moment I realized all over again the gravity of what we have been through.  We aren't just losers, we really have had a really rough time.  In the end, we are in a better place now, even though it is hard and people think we are nuts or are disappointed in our choices.  It is where we want to be, well minus a well :) but in time that will come.

Picture is me at 39 weeks when this post was written.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paul's lego dinos

Paul's lego dinosaurs


Link to my post on us getting our well started.  I had to start posting through word press so I could have more than one picture in the text, will keep posting links here.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the journey has officially begun!

the story is long and for another post, I just wanted to get back to posting and see how this works with the phone :)  we are living now in the beautiful Ozarks in a peaceful place.  I can't wait to share our journey and adventures :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Beginning of a new era

Through the awful events of the summer, some good has some, many acts of kindness have been shown and shared with us, it is overwhelming at times. Also, a great deal of personal growth, which might not make sense, but yes, I grew up a lot!

In dealing with all this, and the mental struggles, I realized ,the major problem of the last 2 decades of my life has centered around depression. I know some people knew this, but I didn't. I thought it was just 'a rough patch', or 'I'm just tired'. It was really the anger that gave it away for me. I could not deny that I was angry. Then I realized that I was angry, a lot and had been for a long time. In time I saw all the other signs that have been screaming at me for years, but had pushed them aside.

So today I had a doctor's appointment. Medicine prescribed (and picked up, I can't believe I let myself go this long for $20 a month! all this time I kept saying we couldn't afford it since I don't have medical insurance!). I am very hopeful. I know nothing is foolproof, and yes bad days will happen, but the undercurrent in my life will not be sadness.

It is hard to admit, and that is some of why I am writing this. Some many people have tried to get me to see, and I was blind. So you were right, I am glad I finally see.