Sunday, February 28, 2010

We have Chickens

So after years of wanting to get a few chickens for eggs mostly, we finally just did it. We know that this year we will be having to move to land, so we thought the time was right. We got 4 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Austrolorps, 4 Easter Eggers and 4 Cornish Crosses, these last four are for meat, or at least that's the plan, we'll see how we do in the making the animal food part!

Paul LOVES the chickens, he is constantly asking to hold them and likes to help feed them. He thinks they are great!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got this idea from other blog I read, who got it from some other blogs she reads. I like it, and hope to be able to do it close to daily.

Outside my window ~ muddy, somewhat frozen snow covered ground

I am thinking ~ nothing profound today, just grateful for many things

I am thankful for ~ a peaceful evening

I am hoping ~ we find some land soon so we know where we are going to live, and hopefully before our landlords generosity is up.

On my mind ~ why can't I sleep

Noticing that ~ life gets way to complicated way to easily

A few plans for the week ~ store tomorrow and Chip's weekend off, hasn't had a lot of days of lately, so looking forward to that.

From the kitchen ~ tortilla shells made in to quesadias (how ever you spell them, spell check can't get it no matter how I try, to late/tired to go hunt it down!)

Around the house ~ all things are sleeping, except me, quiet and dark

One of my favorite things ~ cookies, warm and gooey

A picture I am sharing~
From about a year ago (and while looking I see a ton of pictures that are great for sharing). This is Sunbeam, White Tip and Tornado (she's the kitten). Sunbeam is the mom cat and White Tip is just a cuddle bug.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing my midwife

I know it's silly, but I am missing her a lot. I really enjoyed our meetings and liked her. It was so nice to get to talk to someone in person who you connected with, and agreed with in so many ways. Especially since for the most part I'm an oddball according to society!

She was a great midwife. Her confidence and faith in me and my body to birth really helped me have the confidence as well. Always feel so peaceful after speaking with her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dolores and the scapular

This evening I put Dolores into the mei tai to cook dinner, she had a blast learning all about my scapular. She is just starting to realize she has hands that she can control, enjoying watching them and starting to grab things, and it was right where she could get it.

She's looking at me because I was taking picture, but there it is, in here hands. You can tell that it has broken and I had to tie it back together, but that made it the right height for her :). Also note the blue eyes! I can't believe they are blue, still so shocking to me.

I like this picture even though it's not very flattering of me. She's looking right at me, and I can kind of see some resemblance in our profiles.

Concentrating like mad on the scapular. She even got a little huffy with me because I had to readjust it because she was pulling so hard.

Paul and the cats

This is from a blog I made for Paul. It's mostly going to be the pictures he takes, but it'll also be about things like this :). Feel free to visit and follow him :)

I think it was on Sunday, Paul had Bobcat and Mitten out and was mostly playing string with them, his favorite thing! He also had a box that he was putting them in. They are very good sports with all Paul has in store for them! He also built a screen for them to try to get them to stay in the kitchen. Here are the pictures.

The screen

another view of the screen

Bobcat and Mitten in the box, playing along nicely as can be expected

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

tv free

The other day Chip said that even though he hated to admit it, he think we need to get rid of the tv (not as in sell it, put it away in a closet!). I have been a fan of this for some time. We did live with out even a tv at all for over a year, then we inherited one and from the on it's gradually taken over our lives!

So far it's going okay. The first day Paul asked repeatedly for the tv. The next day he only asked a few times and we watched half of a movie, today, he didn't ask at all until we ate dinner around 10 and he wanted to watch Joe Dirt. On Friday the tv is going away while Paul is sleeping. I had planned to just go cold turkey on Friday, but it just kind of happened that I have also been able to put him off on his requests, so the transition won't be as hard as I was originally thinking.

I will say I will miss certain things, like having the tv to watch while nursing and also while eating (like when Chip's at work, when he's home, we can just talk :) ). I will also miss the built in babysitter that the tv is. As sad as it is to admit that I, Julie-who-believes-the-tv-comes-from-devil, would even LET the tv become that, it did. It will take some readjustment and sturdier locks :).

ps, why does spell check always say tv is misspelled? Am I missing something?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

sleeping beauty

Just pictures of Dolores sleeping.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

three months

Dolores is almost three months old, but I had the chance today so thought I'd take it! The first picture is the attempted picture from 12 weeks, she was not happy!

It's kind of weird to me to finally be at a place where I'm remembering Paul at this age. I have almost no memory of him from before about 3 months old. It's like Dolores' life is in slow motion, since looking back Paul was like she is (developmentally) since he was new :), since I have no memories of what he actually was like.

A little about her. She is very serious when it comes to eating. There is no comfort nursing for her, just feed me, NOW! and if she happens to lose her latch, she will let you know how mad she is! She soaks every thing up in a much more forward way than Paul. Paul was very serious, she is going to be one to jump before looking I think, whereas Paul does the other.

My attempt at a 12 weeks picutre. Paul even plugged his ears! He really wanted in on the picture though :).

In a ducky dress at almost 13 weeks (tomorrow) and almost 3 months (Saturday). The delay on the camera missed her smile, of course, and I kept trying but couldn't get both a smile and no red eye!