Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dolores and the scapular

This evening I put Dolores into the mei tai to cook dinner, she had a blast learning all about my scapular. She is just starting to realize she has hands that she can control, enjoying watching them and starting to grab things, and it was right where she could get it.

She's looking at me because I was taking picture, but there it is, in here hands. You can tell that it has broken and I had to tie it back together, but that made it the right height for her :). Also note the blue eyes! I can't believe they are blue, still so shocking to me.

I like this picture even though it's not very flattering of me. She's looking right at me, and I can kind of see some resemblance in our profiles.

Concentrating like mad on the scapular. She even got a little huffy with me because I had to readjust it because she was pulling so hard.

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