Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I should have posted a blog last night. We got some good news, Chip is getting a raise, it's nothing huge, but it'll be enough to really help out. But we don't know when it'll take effect, some are saying it'll be awhile. Until then, and until we straighten out some other financial things, we are just a total sinking ship without any life boats, and no one can hear the SOS call.

I guess that is why it's called Lent. At first I was thinking that maybe this Lent would be one of blessing and good things for us, but I'm not thinking that so much.

We have been trying to find out if Chip is baptized. Talk about a nightmare. I just want to get the ball rolling with this annulment thing so we can have a sacramental marriage, and nothing goes smoothly at all. His dad had said he was baptized as an infant, which I had figured meant that he was dedicated, as it was in a protestant church. I didn't think any of them did infant baptisms. We heard back from someone a few days ago, who Chip is going to call for clarification today, but she says he was baptized as well, but we don't' know if she is referring to one as an infant or one that we can't find any proof of around age 12, no one remembers, and the church has never responded to our requests for information. So come to find out, there are protestant churches that do infant baptism. This is NOT good at all, not at all. Which means that if his Aunt says, yes it was as an infant, Chip has to call his dad, which I KNOW he doesn't want to do, and ask him what church he was baptized in as an infant. It's like pulling teeth man. And a very stubborn tooth that just won't budge.

Try as I might, I have a hard time not feeling like the person that always gets dumped on. Nothing can ever go right without just heaps of bad stuff going on top. Try, and try to not feel bad for yourself, as that just makes it worse, but the second you get good news, it's followed by at least three things that are worse.

I need more than just myself telling me it'll all be okay. Because right now, I'm really not believing myself at all.


Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am so incredibly bored. I have about 50 things I could be doing, but I'm suppose to be resting, or taking it easy. The thing is that I could probably get most every thing I really need to get done, done with tonight. But I'd be very swollen tomorrow, and that's not good. :)

It is kitty nap time again, so I can't vacuum, they are horribly scared of that machine. Hopefully they wake up soon.

I also have no clue what to have to dinner. I'm starving and can't think of anything that sounds good. Although, a cookie sounds good, but none of those here, and I ate all the cake.


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Finally after, I think, 6 weeks, we are ice free! The front of our house faces north, so it NEVER sees the light of day, so the ice from the first storm back in January was still hanging around. Tonight I went out, and it's all gone! I never thought that would happen. No more slipping to the car. Of course, in the grand scheme of Missouri weather, we are suppose to get a little snow tonight. I'm kind of bummed by this. Hopefully it won't stick. I really don't want to have to go back to mopping everyday!

Saturday's randomness

It is raining and cloudy. Makes for a good day for sleeping. Which reminds me that I'm pretty tired. I tell you, there is always something to be found to do. I could keep myself busy for hours every day, even if I think I may be bored (like tonight), I know there are at least five things I can do right now. Of course I'm not suppose to be doing much. :)

It is kitty nap time right now. I love kitty nap time. It's so cute to watch them all sleeping, they each have a spot the usually pick. So far, 6 cats hasn't been as bad as I was thinking it would be. If the big cats would use the big litter box there'd be no problem at all. But they insist on using the little one that the kittens can get into, so that little tiny box has to be changed twice a day. Cats!

In other news, I'm about 2 days from my due date I think. I can never remember if it was the 25th or the 26th, but it's one of those days. I'm starting to finally feel a little ready. But not completely yet. Still don't have the car seat in the car! Besides other little projects that need to be done.

Tonight I hope to be having a little spa night. Going to take a nice shower, and then a nice bath. The hot water only lasts for a little bit, like 10 minutes, so that's why I'll do both. Then I think I'll paint my toe nails, that is if I can get to them! :)


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thoughts on Lent

Oddly, I always look forward to Lent. It is a time to fix things in your life and bring more faith to it. I like to give up something that is bad for me physically, and also spiritually, as well as add something that will improve my spiritually life. I also like the focus on sacrifice, as I struggle with this. I need all the help I can in learning to sacrifice. While we do live a very merger life, I don't always do it without complaining, and I need to learn to do that.

I will say, that taking this journey back to the Church has made me a little lonely. I long for other Traditional Catholics to be around. We both wish Mass was closer so we could be more involved. Even though it is my husband who is converting, I feel like I am re-entering the Church as well, and look forward to learning along with him, as he will be getting a much better education than I ever did. :)



I haven't really felt like I've been nesting, as I am always wanting to get my space clean and organized, but I guess I am. After months of having the house in chaos, it is finally pretty well done! There are a few things remaining. It feels so nice to have an organized, functional house. We finally found a way to set up all the rooms to make it flow and also give us space (it's a TINY house - about 500 sq. ft.).

I got my bed already for the baby too. Baby will be sleeping with me :), looking forward to that. Won't have to get out of bed to feed the baby, and I even have a spot for keeping cloth diapers for night changes, so I don't have to leave for that either. :)

Today I also wrote out all the bills for the next 2 months - until the end of April. Including all the child support, and those are weekly, that's a lot of envelopes, stamps and checks! But at least I won't have to worry about that during the time of adjustment, all I'll have to do (or ask Chip to do) is put the bills out on the mail box. Feeling pretty prepared.

There are still a few things that need to be done, like moving stuff up to the attic. But more important things like finding a Godfather for the baby! :) That is of utmost importance. Oh, we also have to do all the packing of the car and putting the car seat in. So wish we could have the baby here at home, would be so much easier. :) Maybe it'll end up happening that way, we'll see.

Now I just need to figure out how to make a kitten use the litter box, she likes the bed way too much!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Am I the only one?

I would be happy to be pregnant forever! I have enjoyed it, and I don't know that I'm totally ready for the grand finale. There is a lot of unknown after that. I'm not miserable yet, and I always thought I would be, judging by what people say most times about pregnancy and how awful it is at the end. I'm still enjoying it. It's been a huge part of who I am for such a long time - almost a year if you include the time from the miscarriage. Maybe it's just nerves!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cats and beds

Why is it that cats like to pee on beds???? What leads them to say 'hey, this looks way better than the litter box, I think I'll go here'. I am sure it's just the kittens (we have 3, yes, 3 kittens!), so at least it doesn't smell. Just more laundry. :) I hope they are over this phase soon!


Random thoughts for today

My Internet Explorer has become dysfunctional, it is frustrating! Right now I'm on Fire fox, which is okay, but my spell checker won't work on here, I love spell check. I need spell check! I really do miss my fully functional IE.

Yes, that is pointless and just a small thing in this world.

I just looked at the forecast for tomorrow and the coming week. I actually almost cried (pregnancy hormones????), had to hold back the tears. The first day in weeks, maybe even a month that it'll be above freezing, and for more than one day. I can NOT tell you how happy that makes me. No more frozen pipes in the morning, no more freezing drafty house! Of course I actually love this house, it's just not winter proof at all. So glad it's going to get warm.

This also means that the snow (about 8 inches in some places, with 2 to 4 inches of solid ice under) will finally melt from the front of our house. We have had to slip and slide to and from the cars since that first ice/snow storm back in January I think it was, the one that shut down schools for like a week, yeah, it was January, like the Friday before MLK day.

Also, totally random, I love the green walls in out living room, they are so bright and happy!


I'm back

I am back to the world of blogging. Life has changed a bit over the last year. Many changes to come. I hope to use this blog to work through all of those changes.