Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I should have posted a blog last night. We got some good news, Chip is getting a raise, it's nothing huge, but it'll be enough to really help out. But we don't know when it'll take effect, some are saying it'll be awhile. Until then, and until we straighten out some other financial things, we are just a total sinking ship without any life boats, and no one can hear the SOS call.

I guess that is why it's called Lent. At first I was thinking that maybe this Lent would be one of blessing and good things for us, but I'm not thinking that so much.

We have been trying to find out if Chip is baptized. Talk about a nightmare. I just want to get the ball rolling with this annulment thing so we can have a sacramental marriage, and nothing goes smoothly at all. His dad had said he was baptized as an infant, which I had figured meant that he was dedicated, as it was in a protestant church. I didn't think any of them did infant baptisms. We heard back from someone a few days ago, who Chip is going to call for clarification today, but she says he was baptized as well, but we don't' know if she is referring to one as an infant or one that we can't find any proof of around age 12, no one remembers, and the church has never responded to our requests for information. So come to find out, there are protestant churches that do infant baptism. This is NOT good at all, not at all. Which means that if his Aunt says, yes it was as an infant, Chip has to call his dad, which I KNOW he doesn't want to do, and ask him what church he was baptized in as an infant. It's like pulling teeth man. And a very stubborn tooth that just won't budge.

Try as I might, I have a hard time not feeling like the person that always gets dumped on. Nothing can ever go right without just heaps of bad stuff going on top. Try, and try to not feel bad for yourself, as that just makes it worse, but the second you get good news, it's followed by at least three things that are worse.

I need more than just myself telling me it'll all be okay. Because right now, I'm really not believing myself at all.


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