Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Broken toes????

How silly is this. I was going into the basement to get a new box of tissues for my room (we all have allergies right now), and there's this cement thing that sticks up. Well I up and whacked my toes (three of them!) on it. Man oh Man did that hurt. I don't think they are broke, but it sure sounded like some cracking when they hit. Took a gouge out of my pinkie toe as well. I mean, I'm a klutz, but have never stubbed my toes that bad. Okay, okay, yes I know you are in trouble when the most exciting thing that happens in a few days is hurting your self, but that's all I really have. Oh, I could tell you about the time I feel off a ladder trying to kill a bug??????? That hurt, I landed on a small side table. That was fun, I highly recommend it to all :)

Okay, in other news, I washed my car today, these people here are MEAN in parking lots you wouldn't believe how many dents and paint scraps I have gotten since moving here. I guess their 50 grand vehicle doesn't get dents when it hits another car??? So I have a clean car, which is nice.

Tonight we are going on a hay ride to watch the eclipse, and also have a bonfire. It should be fun, looking forward to it :) Okay, well I guess that is all for now. Have a great day!

day in Julie history - nothing has every happened on this day in my life. Maybe I should do something cool to do! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oct. 22nd (I think??? It's a Sunday)

Things are going about the same as always. Nothing much at all new. Right now I'm trying to find questions for this thing we are doing tomorrow evening with the homeschool group and I can't think of any, how bad is that! I'm harping on the kids to come up with them and I can't even do it! Tomorrow will be a little long day just because of all the stuff we have put off until the last minute. But I get to cook! And I'm making a butter cake, I can not wait to see what it tastes like :). I'm sure Joe will help but he's been pouting because he doesn't want to talk in front of people (do any of us???? no, not at all :) ). But no Big Y tomorrow, so that's nice, very nice. Well this is pretty boring so I'll go I think.

Day in Julie's history. I found out that I was moving to Missouri around this time, I was heart broken and hated the Air Force for making me move to a place called Knob Noster in the middle of my freshmen year. That was in 1992, wow, I still can't believe I lived in Missouri for 11 years. Man, that's a thought to make me miss home :(. I had a dream about my old apartment the other night, the one all my stuff is still in. I wonder if it's all in one piece still? I'm sure. Okay this is getting depressing, so let me try to think of something good about this date??????

I loaned my car to my closest friend, those are GREAT memories, wonderful. And what's even more wonderful is actually being able to enjoy those memories even though I unfortunately am no longer friends with him.

Thought of the day - you can't live in your college life forever, you have to grow up sometime and face 'real' life. It's not all that bad. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Update on life in Connecticut

It has been a great week even though I've been very busy and had my work schedule changed three times (how crazy is that!, every one is sick or just doesn't want to work). But it has been nice. The kids and I have our times. I have realized that I nag them too much and I need to be more encouraging rather than pushing them down (realized this today at about 10:30 right before finding the baby fish in my tank :) ). Tomorrow we are having our first States quiz, they are learning the states and capitals as well as where they are :). They have been studying hard I hear this week :).

I really am learning a lot here, and getting more confidence it seems and also finding some negative things about myself that I need to change, which is always good.

Well after 10 years I am going trick or treating again! I can't wait! Mary Grace and I are going to dress up as girls at a slumber party, we are going costume shopping tomorrow, it'll be SO fun. I will post pictures of it on my web site, and then figure out a way to put them here.

I was asked about the weather and leaves here. They are beautiful. I'll get some pictures tomorrow and again try to figure out how to put them here, if anything they will be on my web site, and I'm going to put a new link on there called Connecticut for pictures of just here :) It's not that much different here than Missouri for fall, a little cooler, and the color is greater but I think it's due to having more trees here than in Missouri. There are at least 5 times as many trees! Makes for some wonderful color.

Well I have gone on a lot today, hope someone is reading this :)


My weekend

The pilgrimage was WONDERFUL! What a spiritually moving time. God is great, and He really does give the power to get through what ever He hands you. I'm very glad I was able to go. I also enjoyed the time spent with my friend, I enjoy talking to her. Mass the next day was great, and the talk afterward was very informative. Overall a great weekend. Though my cat did find a way to hurt herself! She jumped on a shelf and it feel. Still don't know what exactly happened but her tail didn't start to work until today. And the bad cat mom that I am I didn't notice it until yesterday!

I also had a great revelation about fall leaves. God gives us wonderful color and beauty in the spring right after having months of blah. Fall is kind of like God's give to prepare us for the blah of winter. It's so pretty!

More to come about this week and also I was asked about the weather here :).

I highly recommend everyone going to visit the Shrine of the North American Martyr's in New York state.


Friday, October 15, 2004

The day redeemed it's self

Well it turned out better than it began, though I still work to much for my desire. By the time I got to work tonight my boss had already changed the schedule because of people being sick, needing time off. So my days are just spread out more, which is good when every day you get home from work and feel like you fell down a fight of stairs.

The other good news was meeting a pretty neat person at work today. When I got in 4 people had already called in sick (there were only 7 people on total for the whole day today). So we called in one of the porters who used to work in the deli until he lost his hearing rather suddenly about a year ago. He was amazing! He's in his 50's and handled his loss very well. He was just thankful for Big Y because they got him the implant thing that allows him to hear at least some. He really wants to be working back in the deli so this was kind of a trial of sorts as well. So on a day when I was fed up with work, I got to meet a pretty neat and encouraging person. No day can be a loss when you get to see that. To bad everyone else, well, the one other person I worked with, was a downer, what's up with this people! Such a happy kill! Anyhow, thought I'd post an update so you didn't all think I was crazy to be mad about a silly thing.

This week will be wonderful though, and at a time when I really need it. A whole day for God on Saturday and the great company of a friend as well. Can not wait. I will be sure to post about it when I get back.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oct. 14th

Hi all who may be reading this. Has been a busy week getting ready for my little trip this weekend as well as working too much. Schooling has been going well. Monday we had a day off to go visit a friend, was nice to have the day off :), also nice ot visit.

I just found out my crazy boss has put me on for FIVE days straight which is WAY too much so I'll have to be giving my 2 weeks notice soon. I can't keep working as much as she has me, way, way too much, and all in a row which is a killer. So hopefully I'll find something else nearby that pays as well and is less work.

I would write more but frankly I'm pissed off at my boss and would only have not nice things to say. Have a good day.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

Been a few days Oct. 9 Saturday

Well it has been an interesting week! Work is crazy as usual. The kids have been good and we made some progress this week. The coming week is only to be better, and will end with a pilgrimage, which I'm very excited about :). What better way to end a week.

I went driving today, and kind of forgot I had to go to work until I looked at the clock and I had to be leaving home for work in an hour! It was beautiful today. I am slowly beginning to like New England. I love trees and there is NO shortage of them here. I still miss home a lot, things like knowing people everywhere you go, straight roads, knowing hwere I'm going, not having to always make u-turns when I go somewhere because I have no clue where I'm at. I also miss the kindness of the people in the Mid West. I miss actually stopping at a stop sign. I miss not having to drive through yellow lights, not being flipped off all the time. I miss driving on a highway! Anyhow, the list goes on. New England has it's good points. It's kind of cool to be constantly lost! To never know which direction home is. I like being the ONLY Missouri license plate in the state! But mostly I'm thankful I am here because of the faith I have gained while being here. It's amazing how much you can learn and grow when you are someplace where the only thing you have is your faith. With out it I would be a mess right now. I'd be lonely, depressed and miserable. Because of faith I can be content with what I have here. I have all I really need, food, housing and clothes. Okay, it's late and I'm babbling.

To sum it up, it's been a good week, and my door is fixed so I now can close my door, which is a very odd thought after not having it for months!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

St. Mary's Oratory

I just got done watching this on EWTN, while talking to a lady I know who goes there. I have seen pictures and this was amazing. It is a very beautiful church. Very glad I stayed up to watch this program and also get to talk to my friend.

Oct. 6, Wednesday

Today was a great day. We had a good time with school and then the kids made costumes out of construction paper and crowns for the dogs and my cat. Got a few good pictures out of it :). Tomorrow we'll start our study of the United States. Should be fun.

Have realized how glad I am to be here, have grown so much in faith as well as as a person.

Day in Julie's life - I loan my car to a good friend who ends up using it for about two months!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

October 3rd, Sunday

Today was a nice restful day. Sleep a lot, took a four hour nap. Sure I'll pay for that when I try to go to sleep! :) Tomorrow I'll be talking to my boss and looking around for other job possiblities. It's also a new school week full of possiblities. I am learning so much about myself through this, which is great.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Saturday, Oct. 2

Well this week ended much better than it seemed. I was able to get to First Friday mass and it was my first non TLM in months so it was a bit off for me, but none the less I enjoyed my time with God, and also got to spend a little time with the Blessed Sacrament.
My boss decided that it would be fun to see if Julie can read her mind! I'll change the schedule and see if she knows to come in! So I'm at China-mart buying some things for me and Jayne and my phone rings, for the first time in probably a month, NO kidding!, and it's Jayne saying Tony called and said I was suppose to be at work at 4. It was already after four. I was NOT happy to say the least. I'll be going in and talking to her on Monday to make sure this doesn't happen again.
So let's see, not much new going on at all! Had a weird dream last night about a coworker killing someone and then me trying to hide from him cause I was afraid he'd kill me! Talk about silly, though strangely it was nightmarish. Anyhow, this is just rambling today for the sake of writing something. I hope you are have a very Holy Sunday.