Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oct. 22nd (I think??? It's a Sunday)

Things are going about the same as always. Nothing much at all new. Right now I'm trying to find questions for this thing we are doing tomorrow evening with the homeschool group and I can't think of any, how bad is that! I'm harping on the kids to come up with them and I can't even do it! Tomorrow will be a little long day just because of all the stuff we have put off until the last minute. But I get to cook! And I'm making a butter cake, I can not wait to see what it tastes like :). I'm sure Joe will help but he's been pouting because he doesn't want to talk in front of people (do any of us???? no, not at all :) ). But no Big Y tomorrow, so that's nice, very nice. Well this is pretty boring so I'll go I think.

Day in Julie's history. I found out that I was moving to Missouri around this time, I was heart broken and hated the Air Force for making me move to a place called Knob Noster in the middle of my freshmen year. That was in 1992, wow, I still can't believe I lived in Missouri for 11 years. Man, that's a thought to make me miss home :(. I had a dream about my old apartment the other night, the one all my stuff is still in. I wonder if it's all in one piece still? I'm sure. Okay this is getting depressing, so let me try to think of something good about this date??????

I loaned my car to my closest friend, those are GREAT memories, wonderful. And what's even more wonderful is actually being able to enjoy those memories even though I unfortunately am no longer friends with him.

Thought of the day - you can't live in your college life forever, you have to grow up sometime and face 'real' life. It's not all that bad. :)

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Anne said...

Hi Julie-

I'm glad to keep up with you through this. It's really neat isn't it? I was looking at some other blogs and there are so many topics covered. It's amazing. People are so creative.

Well I'm off to bed soon, but I wanted to say hi. My blog is bookreaderanne (I don't know the rest of the address at the moment. I'll send it to you soon, though.)