Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My weekend

The pilgrimage was WONDERFUL! What a spiritually moving time. God is great, and He really does give the power to get through what ever He hands you. I'm very glad I was able to go. I also enjoyed the time spent with my friend, I enjoy talking to her. Mass the next day was great, and the talk afterward was very informative. Overall a great weekend. Though my cat did find a way to hurt herself! She jumped on a shelf and it feel. Still don't know what exactly happened but her tail didn't start to work until today. And the bad cat mom that I am I didn't notice it until yesterday!

I also had a great revelation about fall leaves. God gives us wonderful color and beauty in the spring right after having months of blah. Fall is kind of like God's give to prepare us for the blah of winter. It's so pretty!

More to come about this week and also I was asked about the weather here :).

I highly recommend everyone going to visit the Shrine of the North American Martyr's in New York state.


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