Monday, June 30, 2008


After a year or so of not having a couch, my sister gave us their old one. We have had it for about a week. I tell you, it sure changed the whole feel of the area we live in. It made it feel like a home! It was so nice!

Paul's favorite thing is to climb up there with who ever is sitting there. Especially daddy! LOVES to sit with Daddy. I'm good for food, but he is totally enamored with his dad. Asks for him all the time and just can't not sit with him.

I'm pretty thankful for the couch. It's been a great addition.

So part of the stuff that's been bugging me and troubling me is that I am AWFUL at keeping in touch with people who I really do want to keep in touch with, even if it's just to see how they are doing. So while I'm at the whole fixing things slowly for me, I'm working on that too. So I'm staying up after I get Paul to sleep (which is SO hard as I just want to sleep since I KNOW he'll be up several times to eat), but I need to be able to pray and I'm also making sure to reply to at least one person/email a day. I'm not talking just posts to a group, but a real email that takes time and thought to write. I'm also going to try to post my joy/happiness/thankfulness of the day here. As I'm trying very hard to find God in my day, and having a place to be somewhat accountable to and also a place to actually write my thoughts of the day, is helpful. Anyway. I'm making real effort, not just 'trying' as I normally do.

I really want to be happy and not so crabby and moody about my lot in life.

Anyhow. I'm not sure what I'm most joyful about today as the day ended on a bad note (fight with Chip), so that kind of tainted things. But I am happy that I did all my prayers and replied to two emails, and posted here. I'm happy that I did it all, even once, as I normally give up before I try. I'm also glad that it wasn't too hot today :). Yes, not very deep, but I'll get there!


i hate titles

I can never think of a good one!

I just wanted to post some things I'm doing lately. Been struggling most with faith lately, but have found a great book Holiness for Housewives. It's been very helpful and encouraging to get a good prayer life going. I'm going to try to do the joy of the day again, but no promise I'll get here everyday. But it's also part of how I'm working through this rough spot.

I had a few pictures to share of Paul, but it's not letting me upload any pictures! I'll try later though.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

another hot day

It is hot today. I think it's more humid than hot. That's when you really notice it because even a fan doesn't really help too much, the moisture just stays there! I will be very happy when we get our ac in! Can't wait, should be in about two weeks. I wonder how people used to make it through the heat? I just don't handle it well, makes me weak and moody, which is no fun at all, especially with a toddler, who of course doesn't care at all how hot it is!

Need to make us lunch and rescue Paul from his perch.


Friday, June 06, 2008

memory lane

I just took a long walk down memory lane. Boy, six years does not seem like a lot, but man was it a crazy 6 years! Kind of sad too, but I think all walks down memory lane are alittle sad.

Lets see in that 6 years what's happened -
I became Catholic
Moved to CT for a year
Hit rock bottom (some ways still there)
Got married
Had Paul

Lots of big things. All of them lift changing, and worthy of a post in and of themselves. I'm still in the rock bottom thing, struggling so much with some things. Mostly faith. I really struggle there, which I honestly find shocking. One day at a time though :).

Now off to find something fun to end my evening, guess I could watch Paul running back and forth, he's giggling away, so it must be fun! :)


Monday, June 02, 2008

wonderful world of Paul

Paul is such a neat kid. He explores EVERYTHING! Right now he's trying to figure out the handle on a bucket, oh, now he's hugging a little beany baby type thing that's a dog. He hugs them like he hugs the cats, and just gets so happy about it too. Loves to pet the cats and lay his head on them.

It's so neat to watch him discover the world around him and how it works. Every day he learns more and more, it really is amazing. And he does it all on his own, I don't 'make' him do things a certain way, let him do it his own way. Anyhow, I don't think my words here did justice to what I was trying to get across, but he's pretty cool!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

rants and joy at the end!

Just kind of in a venty type mood.

Our Firefox doesn't work anymore, I miss it, a lot. I miss tabs, who would have thought *I* would miss tabs! but I do. I also miss how Firefox would underline all the misspelled words in the various forums I'm on (some don't have spell checkers, and I'm a horrid speller!). I also miss being able to search from the tool bar. Yes I KNOW I could download something like Yahoo toolbar and have it there, but this is an older computer and anything extra like that slows it down.

So I'm trying to find the positive in this, I guess at least the computer works! That's definitely good!

It's hot here, very, very hot. No A/C yet in a metal trailer with no insulation, yay. I have made some peace with this by just realizing that all I can do is sit in front of a fan! Also I have been able to really enjoy Paul's naps, either laying with him and reading, or checking email (we have a fan right on him. Can't wait until the new siding is up (wood! so it won't leak or blow off - yes our walls have blown off twice in the last few months) and we'll get the A/C hooked up too, very exciting stuff!

Anyhow, I guess I answered myself here, I was going to ask for help finding the joy in this, but writing it has made me see the good parts.

Oh, I guess there's one other, annulment stuff is frustrating me, a lot. But I guess that's a lesson in patience really. I can't make things go faster or make people be willing and able to fill out forms and send them back! Anyhow, guess that is all for now before baby wakes up, or needs some nursing.

Oh, that's one of my favorite things. I love nursing Paul. He has learned the sign for 'eat' and now asks to nurse by signing. I didn't think there would still be joy in nursing a toddler, but he just LOVES it and gets so excited, how can I not see joy in that? Even in his sleep, when he starts stirring, he'll sign 'eat' it's too cute!

ps. blogger now has a real spell checker! Yay! used to only underline words that were misspelled, but now it actually fixes them too.