Friday, June 06, 2008

memory lane

I just took a long walk down memory lane. Boy, six years does not seem like a lot, but man was it a crazy 6 years! Kind of sad too, but I think all walks down memory lane are alittle sad.

Lets see in that 6 years what's happened -
I became Catholic
Moved to CT for a year
Hit rock bottom (some ways still there)
Got married
Had Paul

Lots of big things. All of them lift changing, and worthy of a post in and of themselves. I'm still in the rock bottom thing, struggling so much with some things. Mostly faith. I really struggle there, which I honestly find shocking. One day at a time though :).

Now off to find something fun to end my evening, guess I could watch Paul running back and forth, he's giggling away, so it must be fun! :)


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