Friday, October 05, 2007

What a week

We are currently visiting Chip's family due to his father's health. Also we wanted Paul to meet his grandfather. :) It has been so crazy. That's what you get to leaving at the last minute with no plans! But the main point of the trip was for Paul and grandpa to meet. (his dad's health has been up and down and it looked VERY bad a week ago).

This is the first time in I'd say about 2 or three weeks that I have been able to just 'chill' for any amount of time, and we have internet here at his dad's.

Paul is HUGE! I'll get some picutures uploaded once we get back. He is not liking all the driving (things here are SO very far apart timewise). He's also too interesed in all the new sights, sounds and faces to sleep, so he's been a very tired baby Paul, but still good natured like always. I can not believe he will be 7 months in a week, it is beyound my comprehension that he has grown so fast. It seriously seems like yesterday that he was born and a totally helpless newborn. Now he can roll over, grab things, reach, pull, sit up and he's trying to get the crawling thing down.

Chip has started RCIA, it's much like it was when I went through, but it is nice to have the extra incentive to learn more about the faith at home.

I don't know what else is new. And I'm suddenly very tired, can't wait to go to sleep. Have to wait for Chip to finish getting the hitch on. Okay, off I go. I'm sure I won't be able to post again for a few weeks. We are leaving here Sunday and tomorrow is crazy busy, then when we get home we have to move.