Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looong Days

Today has been a very long day, preceded by more long days than I care to count.  It is one of those days when I want the world to stop so I can get off. 

Both kids seem to be going through something, Dolores doesn’t want put down and Paul constantly wants to be held (not a good combo).  I am so ready for bed, about 30 minutes.  Chip is working a night shift so I was going  to take advantage of that and get a good cleaning of the house in after the kids went to sleep, I don’t think that’s happening.  He has another one tomorrow, so I can use that time.

It also happens to be Carnival day, which is very exciting, of course I’m to tired to sit and read thought provoking info.  Hopefully tomorrow will not be as long! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A snackaholic’s food battle

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So I love snacks, horrid, overly processed awful for you snacks! I am also a snacker, I don’t really eat meals - I graze throughout the day. Paul is like that too. I don’t know if it’s because of me, or if that’s just how he is. So making meals is a weakness of mine.

We ate pretty decently (pre-pregnancy of Dolores) for our budget (very little processed food, raw milk, whole foods……..). It wasn’t great by many standards, but it was as good as we could do. It helped that my son, at the time about 2, was really starting to eat non-breast milk, and I did not want him eating that stuff. Then I find out I’m pregnant, and all that goes out the window! The snack fest begins! It just so happened also, that Paul weaned during my pregnancy (so sad he didn’t make it to three, had been my personal goal), which meant that he too was eating those foods.

Now, we have been eating like this for over a year, more like a year and a half. It’s a hard cycle to break. I swear that they put stuff in that food that makes you addicted!

Currently we try to make better choices. I limit high fructose corn syrup, and have even recently begun watching labels for corn at all since most corn is the GMO type, and we don’t want that. We also avoid soy if possible. But if I have to pick between hfcs and soy, I’ll pick soy. I pick the best, or rather, least full of nasty stuff, item that I can find. Ultimately we want to be growing/raising all of our food, so we won’t have to worry at all about what’s in it!

Right now my struggle is getting over the convenience food and snacks. It is so, well, convenient. Plus add in the heat of summer (makes cooking oh so much hotter), and I want something that comes together quickly, with little heat and little effort, and I’d like it to be cold :). Also, we have major budget constraints that hinder our ability to buy good meat (grass-fed and free range – we actually have a farmer somewhat near that does this, we just don’t have the money, and also, the freezer space! that is on the agenda for the next tax return! :)). We live in the middle of nowhere and china-mart is the only place to do most shopping. There are two other small grocery stores that we get a few things at (they have more organic, and natural food, plus better meat than walmart). If it were up to us, we’d shop a Whole Foods type store only, but that’s over an hour away (and tons of gas and miles!)

Our desire is to follow mostly a Traditional Foods diet, or at the very least, a whole foods diet. Nothing processed or full of chemicals. Meats that are raised the way they were intended to be raised, like cows eating grass. We are soon moving to a small piece of land and will start the journey of growing our own food, meat, veggies and grains.

I need to find a way to eat well without a lot of prep, and heat. Or I need to get over the fear of an hour of prep and a hot humid kitchen! I think the latter is what needs to happen!

So if anyone has tips for eating cool and somewhat cheaply and WELL, please share.


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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

8 months old and Chip’s birthday

Today is Dolores’ 8th month, and also Chip’s birthday!  We went to get the cake stuff and Paul really wanted to get the numbers, but they didn’t have any 3’s, I didn’t feel like having a math equation on the cake, so we picked an ‘8’ for Dolores’ 8th month :), plus 31 candles for Chip’s birthday :)



Cake before lighting



All ablaze!



Chip blowing out the candles



Trying to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera and smiling, nearly impossible, this is the best one!  Paul LOVED the cake!


Now for a little Dolores update.  She’s about 19 pounds!  Hard to believe that at this point Paul was like 26 or so!  She’s working very, very hard on crawling.  I think it’ll be very soon.  She wants to so bad, just hasn’t gotten all the moves in order yet.  New sounds all the time, happy little girl who LOVES to watch her brother play and thinks he’s the most funny thing to ever happen!  After a little worry on my part about her rolling over, she has totally mastered it, she’s a rolling fool!  Still no teeth, I am guessing she’ll get like 5 at a time! 

Friday, July 02, 2010


I hate it. I really wish there was a way to guard oneself against it, you know, like a spray repellant or something. I guess living in a hole would work too, which is tempting, let me tell you.