Monday, August 09, 2010

sleeping Dolores

I posted this earlier, I don’t know where it went!

Earlier today I gave Dolores a little bath and put her on the bed so I could go to the bathroom.  I came back in and this is what I found.


She can fall asleep anywhere in the middle of anything!  Paul wasn’t like that.  She just fell asleep sitting up and fell over!  She stayed like that for over an hour, then rolled on her side a bit, then took one leg out from under her, then I woke her while trying to get another picture!

Sleeping Dolores part 2

Here are the other shots I took while she was out.



Sunday, August 08, 2010

9 months old!

Sorry for the lack in posting lately.  Life has been overwhelming, which means I don’t post much.  But I wanted to do a monthly update of Dolores, since really I want this blog to serve as a diary of sorts to our lives.

Dolores is mostly crawling now, I haven’t yet gotten a video of it yet, will have to try this week.  Also, on the day of her ninth month her first tooth broke through.  She’s been working on getting that tooth for about a month! 


I put her in the front seat to help Chip for a few minutes, and she fell asleep!



Paul wanted me to take a picture of him while I was trying to find a good angle for the one of Dolores.



Just this morning, all smiles!



Paul took this.



Another one Paul took, neat angle, she loves his cars!