Friday, August 31, 2007

hello again

A quick recap. Still no net, we got one of the older computers working but it can't have the net. The first few days were hard, then I realized that I was getting a lot done :), but now it's been a month and the novelty has worn off! :) Hopefully once we move hopefully we'll have it.

Paul is getting big, still 20 pounds, but getting longer. He's growing so fast! Chip is back to his old schedule (5pm to 3am) which is nice. I had so much more I had planned on saying, but it has been forgotten! (of course). Oh, we got the digital camera out of layaway, so once we have the net I will post lots of pictures.

here's a note from Paul.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

crazy stuff

We are currently computerless. I'llreply to everyone once we either get it fixed (not likely it's the hard drive on a laptop) or get a new one - which will be awhile.

We had a small fire the other day, that was pretty scary. Okay Paul's getting upset (we are at the library) so I should go.