Tuesday, January 27, 2009

up and down

Today is a yucky day, frigid cold and snowing. Of course still no water.

I am very done with this recent cold spell. I also want my water back! We did get to go over to my parents yesterday to shower, that was very nice. :)

So another day of no sun, and nothing for me to do. I don't know how much more I can take without going stir crazy! I am going to Walmart today to get Wic, so that'll be nice. It's also very warm in our car, heat is great! :)

Thoughts on things to do that don't require water? I have organized everything I can, made our prayer books. I even found another book to read. I never thought I'd say that I miss my daily chores, but I do, it was what brought the balance to my day and it was routine. Now the day is just so slow and boring.


Monday, January 26, 2009

The ending of long day number two

The day (for us) is almost over. I am so thankful for my parents and their kindness in bringing two of those big water cooler things of water over so we have more water and also the offer for us to come over and shower tomorrow. Wednesday will be nice, water again! I will have so much to do then!

I think that is part of why I am so incredibly bored. I KNOW how much I'll have to do when the water is back, where as normally I just keep up with everything so nothing really gets too overwhelming, well, normal housekeeping anyway, the extras like cleaning out the old trailer and organizing/sorting everything for storage can get overwhelming, but the day to day stuff usually goes well. But at this moment I have at least 4 loads of laundry, and three loads of dishes (two will go into the dishwasher, but have to still be rinsed and of course because of the electrical issues I can only do one major appliance at a time, so no dryer and dishwasher at the same time). Anyhow, that is all crazy boring to most of those who will be reading. Needless to say, in two days, wow, it's going to be crazy. Of course with the way they change the forecast it could end up being next week before the thaw!

Oh, I have been working on Paul's word list. I am trying to keep track of all the words he adds each day, but I miss so many. He'll say a new one when we are out and I totally forget it by time we get home. It is neat to see him learning so much though. He has recently started putting together a few words to form mini sentences :). My favorite was the other night when he wanted the dog to play with her ball. Chip threw it and the dog was half asleep, so didn't go. Paul was pulling on her collar and said 'get puppy get'. My other favorite is whenever we give him food, the dog is always right next to him, she knows where the easy food comes from! :) He always says 'no puppy, no puppy' since Paul knows she'll take it the first chance she gets. Since seeing how he views the dog, we have tried very hard to help him protect his food, and teaching her that she can only eat if he's left it on the floor. Though sometimes Paul leaves it there for safe keeping, only to chase the dog away from his treasure. :)

I think that's all for now, going to play a few games and go to sleep.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

some long days

Been a long few days here. Yesterday I was up early and Paul only napped for a bit in the car. Plus, no water, it's frozen, yay - not! So sick of frozen water. It's been colder than this and we have had water, just very frustrating. I'm just remaining grateful for Casey's and that they let us get gallons of water from their tap and don't charge us.

On the other side of that, the water did not unfreeze yet, today, which means it probably won't unfreeze until WEDNESDAY, yes, that's right, WEDNESDAY, like three days from now. I don't know what we'll do. I have diapers and other laundry to do, and also we are almost out of dishes. Plus you know things like a shower or what not would be nice. That is making today long, and that Paul got up crazy early today, and Chip is in a class (concealed carry) and then work, so alone all day.

I need to find something to keep me busy, as most of the work I do around the house involves water - laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning. I can vacuum, which I already did. I have folded all the laundry and organized the kitchen. I am plumb out of things to do. So I sit here bored crazy, wishing Paul would stop climbing on things so I can maybe actually sit and ENJOY the sitting. He's too good. I have taken everything away he can climb, so he is now pulling out the drawers to climb them, how crazy is that? He is too smart for his own good!

I should go, he's over there yelling 'DOWN, DOWN, DOWN'.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Long day

Chip went back to evenings this work week. Which in general is a good thing, fits much better with all of our sleeping patterns, and it seems that I am having more time to get house work done, so that's cool.

Today he had a long test with the highway patrol, in hopes of getting hired at some point. So he has been gone ALL day, and is working tonight. It has been a long, boring day! I had a ton that I wanted to get done, but just could never get in the mood for it. Really need to kick myself. Still have a LONG time before going to bed, so might get a little more done. Just so much right now.

This week Chip also meets with our new priest for the first time. Looking forward to that, don't know how long I'll get to stay as sitting and still are not things that Paul understands or does, at all. Lets just say he's 'full of life' :)

Tomorrow we are moving our desk over here, I can't wait! Just getting some more normalcy to our lives will be nice, plus, the whole computer on the counter/bar thing, just doesn't work, at all.

On that note, I really should get those dishes done, they are sitting right across from me taunting me, and have been for two days! I wish they made dishwashers big enough for bigger dishes!