Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Long day

Chip went back to evenings this work week. Which in general is a good thing, fits much better with all of our sleeping patterns, and it seems that I am having more time to get house work done, so that's cool.

Today he had a long test with the highway patrol, in hopes of getting hired at some point. So he has been gone ALL day, and is working tonight. It has been a long, boring day! I had a ton that I wanted to get done, but just could never get in the mood for it. Really need to kick myself. Still have a LONG time before going to bed, so might get a little more done. Just so much right now.

This week Chip also meets with our new priest for the first time. Looking forward to that, don't know how long I'll get to stay as sitting and still are not things that Paul understands or does, at all. Lets just say he's 'full of life' :)

Tomorrow we are moving our desk over here, I can't wait! Just getting some more normalcy to our lives will be nice, plus, the whole computer on the counter/bar thing, just doesn't work, at all.

On that note, I really should get those dishes done, they are sitting right across from me taunting me, and have been for two days! I wish they made dishwashers big enough for bigger dishes!


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