Wednesday, July 07, 2010

8 months old and Chip’s birthday

Today is Dolores’ 8th month, and also Chip’s birthday!  We went to get the cake stuff and Paul really wanted to get the numbers, but they didn’t have any 3’s, I didn’t feel like having a math equation on the cake, so we picked an ‘8’ for Dolores’ 8th month :), plus 31 candles for Chip’s birthday :)



Cake before lighting



All ablaze!



Chip blowing out the candles



Trying to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera and smiling, nearly impossible, this is the best one!  Paul LOVED the cake!


Now for a little Dolores update.  She’s about 19 pounds!  Hard to believe that at this point Paul was like 26 or so!  She’s working very, very hard on crawling.  I think it’ll be very soon.  She wants to so bad, just hasn’t gotten all the moves in order yet.  New sounds all the time, happy little girl who LOVES to watch her brother play and thinks he’s the most funny thing to ever happen!  After a little worry on my part about her rolling over, she has totally mastered it, she’s a rolling fool!  Still no teeth, I am guessing she’ll get like 5 at a time! 


Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Julie you know Anna will be 1yr at the end of this month and she still only has those two bottom teeth!! I am amazed at how she eats though!! I have been assuming she will get a mouthful all at once and be a misery!! Anna also didn't roll until late..maybe 7M but once she did that she was sitting up and crawling right away. Now she is 11.5M and she shows no signs of ever being able to walk, but I am betting in typical Anna fashion all of a sudden she will just get it one day and that will be that.

I can't believe paul weighed 26lbs!! I think I mentioned I have mini munchkins. Ben is almost 2.5 and weighs in at a whopping 24lbs fully dressed. Anna at her 9M check was 15lbs.

Lady Modesty said...

Morning Julie - I was looking for things to smile about this morning and that picture of your adorable baby daughter did it! I LOVE babies. Thank you!

Julie said...

Jaime, Dolores just started getting her first tooth in! Dolores is following that same pattern with rolling and then such. She's trying hard to crawl, she gets around though, but not offical on the knees crawling.

Paul was a chunk! But you know he weighs 37 pounds now, so in almost 3 years he's only gained 11 pounds. He just gained really fast and then has gotten slimmer as he's grown taller.

Deborah, I'm glad that her picture was what you needed! It did come out so well, and with a cell phone no less! Normally she has red eye. I hope that you are doing okay today.