Sunday, June 01, 2008

rants and joy at the end!

Just kind of in a venty type mood.

Our Firefox doesn't work anymore, I miss it, a lot. I miss tabs, who would have thought *I* would miss tabs! but I do. I also miss how Firefox would underline all the misspelled words in the various forums I'm on (some don't have spell checkers, and I'm a horrid speller!). I also miss being able to search from the tool bar. Yes I KNOW I could download something like Yahoo toolbar and have it there, but this is an older computer and anything extra like that slows it down.

So I'm trying to find the positive in this, I guess at least the computer works! That's definitely good!

It's hot here, very, very hot. No A/C yet in a metal trailer with no insulation, yay. I have made some peace with this by just realizing that all I can do is sit in front of a fan! Also I have been able to really enjoy Paul's naps, either laying with him and reading, or checking email (we have a fan right on him. Can't wait until the new siding is up (wood! so it won't leak or blow off - yes our walls have blown off twice in the last few months) and we'll get the A/C hooked up too, very exciting stuff!

Anyhow, I guess I answered myself here, I was going to ask for help finding the joy in this, but writing it has made me see the good parts.

Oh, I guess there's one other, annulment stuff is frustrating me, a lot. But I guess that's a lesson in patience really. I can't make things go faster or make people be willing and able to fill out forms and send them back! Anyhow, guess that is all for now before baby wakes up, or needs some nursing.

Oh, that's one of my favorite things. I love nursing Paul. He has learned the sign for 'eat' and now asks to nurse by signing. I didn't think there would still be joy in nursing a toddler, but he just LOVES it and gets so excited, how can I not see joy in that? Even in his sleep, when he starts stirring, he'll sign 'eat' it's too cute!

ps. blogger now has a real spell checker! Yay! used to only underline words that were misspelled, but now it actually fixes them too.

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