Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Broken toes????

How silly is this. I was going into the basement to get a new box of tissues for my room (we all have allergies right now), and there's this cement thing that sticks up. Well I up and whacked my toes (three of them!) on it. Man oh Man did that hurt. I don't think they are broke, but it sure sounded like some cracking when they hit. Took a gouge out of my pinkie toe as well. I mean, I'm a klutz, but have never stubbed my toes that bad. Okay, okay, yes I know you are in trouble when the most exciting thing that happens in a few days is hurting your self, but that's all I really have. Oh, I could tell you about the time I feel off a ladder trying to kill a bug??????? That hurt, I landed on a small side table. That was fun, I highly recommend it to all :)

Okay, in other news, I washed my car today, these people here are MEAN in parking lots you wouldn't believe how many dents and paint scraps I have gotten since moving here. I guess their 50 grand vehicle doesn't get dents when it hits another car??? So I have a clean car, which is nice.

Tonight we are going on a hay ride to watch the eclipse, and also have a bonfire. It should be fun, looking forward to it :) Okay, well I guess that is all for now. Have a great day!

day in Julie history - nothing has every happened on this day in my life. Maybe I should do something cool to do! :)

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Julie said...

Just thought I'd update you all on the hayride and the Moon. It was AWESOME! The moon was red. We had a little clouds but got to see most of it. The hay ride was nice too. We also had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows :). I hope you got to see the ecplise too, what a sight!