Friday, October 15, 2004

The day redeemed it's self

Well it turned out better than it began, though I still work to much for my desire. By the time I got to work tonight my boss had already changed the schedule because of people being sick, needing time off. So my days are just spread out more, which is good when every day you get home from work and feel like you fell down a fight of stairs.

The other good news was meeting a pretty neat person at work today. When I got in 4 people had already called in sick (there were only 7 people on total for the whole day today). So we called in one of the porters who used to work in the deli until he lost his hearing rather suddenly about a year ago. He was amazing! He's in his 50's and handled his loss very well. He was just thankful for Big Y because they got him the implant thing that allows him to hear at least some. He really wants to be working back in the deli so this was kind of a trial of sorts as well. So on a day when I was fed up with work, I got to meet a pretty neat and encouraging person. No day can be a loss when you get to see that. To bad everyone else, well, the one other person I worked with, was a downer, what's up with this people! Such a happy kill! Anyhow, thought I'd post an update so you didn't all think I was crazy to be mad about a silly thing.

This week will be wonderful though, and at a time when I really need it. A whole day for God on Saturday and the great company of a friend as well. Can not wait. I will be sure to post about it when I get back.


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Anonymous said...

What about your (past) weekend, Julie?
And what about the weather in Connecticut? I have been thinking of it a lot, lately. Fall must be wonderful, over there. Can you post pics of the red and yellow trees?