Wednesday, October 06, 2004

St. Mary's Oratory

I just got done watching this on EWTN, while talking to a lady I know who goes there. I have seen pictures and this was amazing. It is a very beautiful church. Very glad I stayed up to watch this program and also get to talk to my friend.


Anonymous said...

You have posted very little in this past week.
How are your lessons on the United States going on?
Remember to call me, if you need some materials about Italy.
Coming here to collect everything you like could be a better idea:)

Julie said...

Hi Cecilia,
I have just been a little more busy this week than before. Worked a lot, and I usually post here at night, and my job is at night.
School is going well I think. I had hoped it might be a little better, but it is still the begining and we are still getting used to each other :). I might just have to see what I can do with Italy for a lesson. I'll let you know if I do, as you are the best person I know for information on Italy :). Thanks for reading, glad to know that someone is coming here and reading my log of life.