Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cats and beds

Why is it that cats like to pee on beds???? What leads them to say 'hey, this looks way better than the litter box, I think I'll go here'. I am sure it's just the kittens (we have 3, yes, 3 kittens!), so at least it doesn't smell. Just more laundry. :) I hope they are over this phase soon!



Petrus said...

I read that if cats aren't going in the litter box, they may need more litter boxes - and possibly more than one per cat!! Which could more 3+ if you have three cats!!

Julie said...

yes, I'm working on the litter box situation. We have two, and I clean them at least once a day. I am guessing that at this point, it's because they are 5 weeks old and just kind of have to go, I hope so anyway! :)