Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random thoughts for today

My Internet Explorer has become dysfunctional, it is frustrating! Right now I'm on Fire fox, which is okay, but my spell checker won't work on here, I love spell check. I need spell check! I really do miss my fully functional IE.

Yes, that is pointless and just a small thing in this world.

I just looked at the forecast for tomorrow and the coming week. I actually almost cried (pregnancy hormones????), had to hold back the tears. The first day in weeks, maybe even a month that it'll be above freezing, and for more than one day. I can NOT tell you how happy that makes me. No more frozen pipes in the morning, no more freezing drafty house! Of course I actually love this house, it's just not winter proof at all. So glad it's going to get warm.

This also means that the snow (about 8 inches in some places, with 2 to 4 inches of solid ice under) will finally melt from the front of our house. We have had to slip and slide to and from the cars since that first ice/snow storm back in January I think it was, the one that shut down schools for like a week, yeah, it was January, like the Friday before MLK day.

Also, totally random, I love the green walls in out living room, they are so bright and happy!


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MaryT said...

Ah, yes I know the joy of the winter world warming up! It's supposed to snow here tomorrow night, but you know what? WE've just started Lent, so winter's time is limited!!