Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday's randomness

It is raining and cloudy. Makes for a good day for sleeping. Which reminds me that I'm pretty tired. I tell you, there is always something to be found to do. I could keep myself busy for hours every day, even if I think I may be bored (like tonight), I know there are at least five things I can do right now. Of course I'm not suppose to be doing much. :)

It is kitty nap time right now. I love kitty nap time. It's so cute to watch them all sleeping, they each have a spot the usually pick. So far, 6 cats hasn't been as bad as I was thinking it would be. If the big cats would use the big litter box there'd be no problem at all. But they insist on using the little one that the kittens can get into, so that little tiny box has to be changed twice a day. Cats!

In other news, I'm about 2 days from my due date I think. I can never remember if it was the 25th or the 26th, but it's one of those days. I'm starting to finally feel a little ready. But not completely yet. Still don't have the car seat in the car! Besides other little projects that need to be done.

Tonight I hope to be having a little spa night. Going to take a nice shower, and then a nice bath. The hot water only lasts for a little bit, like 10 minutes, so that's why I'll do both. Then I think I'll paint my toe nails, that is if I can get to them! :)


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