Wednesday, February 03, 2010

three months

Dolores is almost three months old, but I had the chance today so thought I'd take it! The first picture is the attempted picture from 12 weeks, she was not happy!

It's kind of weird to me to finally be at a place where I'm remembering Paul at this age. I have almost no memory of him from before about 3 months old. It's like Dolores' life is in slow motion, since looking back Paul was like she is (developmentally) since he was new :), since I have no memories of what he actually was like.

A little about her. She is very serious when it comes to eating. There is no comfort nursing for her, just feed me, NOW! and if she happens to lose her latch, she will let you know how mad she is! She soaks every thing up in a much more forward way than Paul. Paul was very serious, she is going to be one to jump before looking I think, whereas Paul does the other.

My attempt at a 12 weeks picutre. Paul even plugged his ears! He really wanted in on the picture though :).

In a ducky dress at almost 13 weeks (tomorrow) and almost 3 months (Saturday). The delay on the camera missed her smile, of course, and I kept trying but couldn't get both a smile and no red eye!

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