Sunday, January 31, 2010

thoughts on self learning

We are big believers in self learning. Or Natural learning as some people also call it. Recently, seeing Paul learn things totally on his own without our pushing or prodding, it has really been proven true! Paul knows his colors. He figured this out all on his own. No drilling, quizzing, pushing or belittling needed. It simply amazes me how these little people learn. He is learning ALL the time. Every thing is learning for him. I look forward to watching him teach himself all kinds of things. It really is fascinating! Kids really do have the ability to learn what they need to learn if given a supportive, safe and encouraging (in our case reading to him when ever he wants and answering his questions). It might not be in a time frame that some people think it needs to be, but it is in the time frame that they need.

going to start using labels for the posts I think :)

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