Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got this idea from other blog I read, who got it from some other blogs she reads. I like it, and hope to be able to do it close to daily.

Outside my window ~ muddy, somewhat frozen snow covered ground

I am thinking ~ nothing profound today, just grateful for many things

I am thankful for ~ a peaceful evening

I am hoping ~ we find some land soon so we know where we are going to live, and hopefully before our landlords generosity is up.

On my mind ~ why can't I sleep

Noticing that ~ life gets way to complicated way to easily

A few plans for the week ~ store tomorrow and Chip's weekend off, hasn't had a lot of days of lately, so looking forward to that.

From the kitchen ~ tortilla shells made in to quesadias (how ever you spell them, spell check can't get it no matter how I try, to late/tired to go hunt it down!)

Around the house ~ all things are sleeping, except me, quiet and dark

One of my favorite things ~ cookies, warm and gooey

A picture I am sharing~
From about a year ago (and while looking I see a ton of pictures that are great for sharing). This is Sunbeam, White Tip and Tornado (she's the kitten). Sunbeam is the mom cat and White Tip is just a cuddle bug.

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