Tuesday, February 09, 2010

tv free

The other day Chip said that even though he hated to admit it, he think we need to get rid of the tv (not as in sell it, put it away in a closet!). I have been a fan of this for some time. We did live with out even a tv at all for over a year, then we inherited one and from the on it's gradually taken over our lives!

So far it's going okay. The first day Paul asked repeatedly for the tv. The next day he only asked a few times and we watched half of a movie, today, he didn't ask at all until we ate dinner around 10 and he wanted to watch Joe Dirt. On Friday the tv is going away while Paul is sleeping. I had planned to just go cold turkey on Friday, but it just kind of happened that I have also been able to put him off on his requests, so the transition won't be as hard as I was originally thinking.

I will say I will miss certain things, like having the tv to watch while nursing and also while eating (like when Chip's at work, when he's home, we can just talk :) ). I will also miss the built in babysitter that the tv is. As sad as it is to admit that I, Julie-who-believes-the-tv-comes-from-devil, would even LET the tv become that, it did. It will take some readjustment and sturdier locks :).

ps, why does spell check always say tv is misspelled? Am I missing something?


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Good for you, Julie. I've quite let the TV become a babysitter. :(

Julie said...

Thank you Katherine. This morning I woke up thinking that maybe the tv didn't need to be packed away, we were doing so good not watching it, but today proved that it needs to be out of sight! Just need to make room for it in the closet.

I have immense guilt about letting the tv babysit Paul. It'll be a hard adjustment for me too, having nothing to occupy him so I can busy myself. But I'm sure in time it'll balance out again. I am sure you aren't using it as much as I had been (several hours day, as hard as that is to admit in public!).