Tuesday, May 05, 2009

wonderful evening randomness

Tonight was a great evening for Paul and I. Started with a little nap while I read Pride and Prejudice, well not all of it! Not that fast a reader!

Then we got up and I thought I'd try watching a movie. I haven't done this in a LONG time. I figured I wouldn't really get to watch it. I got Love Actually from the library today. We sat and ate dinner while watching, and I actually got to sit and watch a whole movie. Paul watched a little but mostly just sat next to me and played. He has really enjoyed the extra time since I'm trying to not be online much to get used to not having it! It was a nice time. Paul has taken to really liking to sit next to Chip or I and play or look at his books or catalogues, yes, he likes catalogues, especially ones that daddy gets that have trucks in them :). I think Paul will benefit most from the no internet.

The movie was so good. I had seen it once before, but hadn't remembered how good it was. A few tears where shed. I really enjoyed the focus on how love can be found everywhere. I look forward to watching it again before returning it. Just can't say enough of how good it was!

So now off to bed after a very non productive day, but one that was fun :)

Oh, for the randomness. I set a pan on fire today! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and I did every thing right and it worked! Boy did that smell bad!

More thoughts on no internet. Today I realized how hard it will be and how I am kind of wishing we didn't HAVE to cancel the internet. But at the same time I realized what good can come of it. Like a good non stressed day spent with Paul. I know I'll have plenty of time tomorrow to finish the dishes and pick up toys. Left me time to not be stressed about getting everything done and be able to sit with Paul for as long as he wants. It was also nice to have a book again. All I have at home are books to teach me something, which are nice, but sometimes it's nice to just read a good story, plus it made me sit which Paul LOVED. He brings his trucks over and does what he does playing and I think he really enjoyed me being present rather than absent and totally distracted.

Okay, really need to try to get to sleep now. It's way past Paul's bed time, but Puppa is still drying - the cats put him in the litter box! Couldn't sleep with that! :)


ps - why are there birds chirping in the middle of the night? I have noticed this for a few weeks, I thought birds slept at night.

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