Saturday, June 05, 2010

sweating is overrated

I am done with it.  Add in Dolores who has to be held or nursed all day, who is herself a sauna (super hot and sweaty), and I am miserable.  We have not had the nightly cool down that makes summer mildly bearable for the last few nights (it’s almost midnight and still close to 90 degrees in here).  Each day some thing  more pressing gets in the way of getting a/c.  Heartworms, major car issues, more car issues………………. I have lost my patience in dealing with this and I’m so tired of not being able to do the household things I need to, plus the heat is making me extra tired.  All I can hope for is a little break in the heat, usually when you are totally at your wits end (with either winter or summer) there is a small break.  I am hoping for that and money to fall out of the sky!  Okay done complaining for the evening.  Now to surrender my foolish self into some finding a way to deal with this for 4 more months.

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