Wednesday, October 19, 2011

playing detective

I have a site meter thing and it's always fascinating to me. Sometimes disturbing to see what people will use as search words to find this. I just wish it told me WHO, I can figure some out, but not all. Every week when I get the email, I spend a few minutes playing detective! I still haven't figured out Mountain View, California! It is a fun few minutes.


Christine said...

disturbing? Really? Now I'm worried what they are searching for. I guess it's the risk of having a non-password-protected blog. I just "don't write anything I wouldn't want my mom to read" - not that I think anything on your blog is objectionable! Weird. I have "followers" I've never met.

Julie said...

Maybe distrubing was too strong a word. It was people using my kids names for searching, but yeah, it does come with not having it password protected! Mostly I enjoy trying to figure out who is who when reading through the site meter. I too write like what you say, nothing I wouldn't tell her! I mean, she could read it! :)

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Julie,

I find the searches that lead folks to my blog interesting enough to have written blog posts based on the searches.

Your visitor could be someone who lives in the fair city of Mountain View; however, I'm guessing that your visitor is Google's web scanning robot, which visits my blog and website on a fairly regular basis.

Agape always,

Julie said...

Well that makes sense! I'd say, mystery solved! said...

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