Friday, April 17, 2015

The kids nicknames

Blame it on facebook and their 'on this day' thing! I have found it mostly interesting,  some times very sad, to see things from the past, to see the seasons change through the years, both literally and figuratively.  So I am going to attempt to post a blog or status everyday, one thing I have noticed is how much the kids grow. You blink and they are five years older.  Also, I know I have mentioned it, but in many ways time stopped, life stopped, when our home was destroyed.  It has been just survival since then. Sometimes it is more settled, especially in the last year, but I still have to remind myself that Dolores is not 1.5 and Paul 4, and it is getting harder now that Charlotte is the age it all happened, the whole world crumbling apart. As Pa says many times in the Little House series, alls well that ends well,  we are certainly in a better place because of all of that, but it still happened, it is still a wound healing.

Anyhow, here is some fun that has been waiting to be posted for awhile, how tbe kids nicknames came to be! :)

It started with Paul calling himself 'Paul the dog' (which is also a very annoying game he made up!) He started this shortly after we moved here, around Christmas of 2012, he would go nuts like the dogs did when Chip got home. The dogs were outside mostly, but a big 5 year old jumping around like a dog in a little rv was a lot! But it is Paul's only nickname so it has become a fond memory :) he is still occasionally 'Paul the Dog'.

Then Dolores had to be included in the craziness of daddy coming home.  She started calling herself 'Dolores the cat' she has since added 'the dog, the plane, the styrofoam plane, landing on a jet plane (which comes from John Denvers' Leaving on a Jetplane). These she has added them all herself.

CharlotteBelle has been 'Baby Belle' (like the cheese the babybel brand cheese) and after our friend who is named Belle. Chip added 'Baby Belle Cheese'. She has aquired and few addions because of her love of pasta sauce and dipping thi gs into various sauces or dips. Her offical full nickname is CharlotteBelle Marie Baby Belle Cheese Sauce Awesome Sauce Dipper. Dolores wants to add Ice Cream, but Charlotte does not like ice cream so it isn't happening!

I am not a nickname person, just want to call people their names, but the kids love it and of course Chip does. So they get names from me and nicknames for daddy and each other.

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