Friday, June 05, 2015

The heat has begun

Summer is a challenge!  So hot, itchy, sweaty, just miserable. I Don't know how people can enjoy it, maybe it is the difference between people who can get relief with a/c and those who can't for whatever reason (us being off grid, man it would be a LOT of solar panels to have even a little a/c!)  I probably wouldn't mind summer as much if it involved less sweat and itching. I do love the life that is around and the green plants, but it is literally an hour by hour trudge to fall. Thankfully it is really only 3 months.

The other part is the mosquitoes,  those little pests are out with extra thick this year. We got lucky last year, not this year. The whining of them can start to drive one crazy, not to mention the itching.  I really don't like chemicals, but I am on the verge of looking to see how you'd kill ten acres of mosquitoes!

I am mostly writting this to get the summer whine out of the way and hopefully resign myself to get through it. Complaining does not help at all. It just makes a downward spiral on everyone's mood.  Hopefully we can get a water meter, that will help immensely.   Thanks to those who have helped with donations toward that!

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