Friday, December 10, 2004

Crazy week

Been somewhat a defeating week. Feel I have somewhat failed as a mentor/tutor/teacher. Glad it's over and just hope next week is better. Though you can't get much lower than this week.

The week actually started out wonderful but it feel apart yesterday. Not getting into details.

Well hoping next week is better. Will be a long hard week because I have to get ready for my trip home.



Anonymous said...

Teenagers CAN be awful, really. I know it very well:)
And they CAN seem to be dumb or stupid, just because they are so self-centred they don't even give a damn to anythingelse but themselves and their dream world.
You are not a bad teacher: I bet you are just a teacher to teenagers. It is by accident:). It can only change, as time goes by.

Julie said...

Oh Cecilia that is such a nice thing to say. Thank you so much.

Teens can be hard and it wasn't so much something said to me as actions done. Had hoped I'd be a better influnce, but maybe this has nothing to do with that. This week has been better though.

Oh, the post office lost your card! I got the envelope all torn up but the card wasn't there. Who knows where it went. Thanks for the card though. :)