Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Nice week, ending with a trip to Missouri


This week has been somewhat better. Only worked a few days because I am leaving for Missouri on Thursday. I am ready for a break from there. You know it's time to leave when EVERY one is annoying you. It'll be nice to see friends and family. It'll also be nice to drive on straight roads, oh, straight roads, and they won't have trees growing right on the edge (like right off the pavement) either. And I will KNOW where I am going at all times. A week and a half of knowing where I am going, that'll be awesome too :). I will miss a few things, like living in a Catholic household and all that goes along with that.

In other good news, heard from an old friend, was a very welcome surprise. I have also been getting tons of Christmas cards. I love that, getting real mail is so great, better than all those bills!

Well I should go, I need to get some rest, long day tomorrow.


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