Saturday, March 01, 2008

new schedule

Chip went to days this week (he works Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday). So far it's been hard, but that's expected, switching sleep times is hard! Paul hasn't gotten it yet, but I'm sure in time he will. I'm sure in the end it'll be better.

Sorry to not be posting much lately. It's been harder to get on here and actually type. Paul is going through a rough spot (learning to walk and being extra clingy) so I normally have him in my lap while online, so it's hard to type, unless it's randomness that doesn't require thought!

So for my joy for the last week, it would be that things worked out in some ways with the money. It's not perfect at all. We finally found out what happened to all the money, but they still took some of Chip's paycheck. I don't know how we'll get through next payday, but that's not to worry about now, I'm sure something will come up. We still need to buy food for this pay period, but again, I'm sure something will show up to help with that. But we were able to pay the absolute important bills, so that's good, we have heat and the car is taken car of, so all is well.