Friday, August 15, 2008


The last few weeks have been trialing for me. Just not myself (or not the self I LIKE to be, not in the least). I am just so ready for this gloomy haze to lift. At first I though it was hormonal, but it's still here and the hormones aren't, so who knows. I just feel so yucky and out of sorts. Nothing is good and happy or cheery, just blah and gloom. Things are just so up in the air for us. Just found out that the guy who owns the park we live in is selling, so we don't know if we'll even have a place to live soon (there is no park that would take us with a trailer that looks like this). So frustrating.

Just want to find a piece of land to move to so we don't have to worry about this stuff anymore.

To think, this is probably all just because I haven't had my daily milk/calcium. Need to get some tomorrow, I think it really makes a difference.

I guess I should go to sleep now. I don't really want to cause I'm hungry, but it's way late and I'm sure Paul's going to wake up crazy early and be cranky just like the last few days. yay.


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