Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Losing Meow

Meow was our outdoor kitty. She chose us to be her family a little more than a year ago. We had tried many times to get her to move indoors, she wouldn't have it!

Yesterday we found her, hit by a car, our worst nightmare. It is heartbreaking. She is missed dearly. I can't look outside, let alone be out there with out wishing her alive and being so angry. She was such a joy to have around. She would greet you with a trot from where ever she was with her tail curled over her back in a way that I have never seen in a cat, kind of like a pug's tail. When she'd get about 15 feet from you, she'd start meowing and quiet little meow and I swear she could smile with her eyes, just so happy to see us. Outside will never be the same, it's so lonely and sad.

This is hitting me harder than when Kitty died. I think I had prepared myself for Kitty, I knew she was dieing, I just didn't want her too. Meow was all of a sudden. I found myself dreaming of her last night yelling for her to come back. She was a very special cat who will be sorely missed.


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