Monday, February 02, 2009

disposable diapers for a week, thoughts

We use cloth diapers, have since the very beginning. I love them. It is alittle more work (like 5 seconds more and a few extra loads of laundry a week), but I really like them and thinks it's worth the little extra work. Anyhow.

So we didn't have water for 5 days, and the water froze nearing the end of my diaper stash. So Paul was in disposable diapers for a week. This is just my random thoughts regarding this 'experiment', please don't think I'm picking on you because you don't use cloth diapers!

Yeah, those things stink, a lot! Wow, I just couldn't get over it. Now, don't get me wrong, Paul's diaper stinks when it's super wet, but it just smells like pee or poop, not like pee or poop that is drenched in some scent. And why is there a scent on them?? Oh, and the whole mushy feeling of a wet diaper, kind of made my stomach turn. Paul also didn't know what to think of them. All of a sudden his diaper was crinkly. He kept grabbing at it to make it make the noise, that was kind of cute. :) Chip said he couldn't wait for Paul to smell like Paul again :) (the scent in the diapers was very overwhelming).

I will admit that the convenience was somewhat nice, but the smell, noise, scent and having them laying in my trash was enough to make me super happy to have the cloth back.

So, final thoughts, try cloth diapers, they are crazy cheap and scent free :).



Mom2BabyAaron said...

Yea I never thought sposies smelled until I was in cloth for awhile and used a disposable for some reason. They *do* smell and pretty intensely too!

Julie said...

I never thought they did either! When Paul was born, we brought the cloth with us, but they had him in paper diapers, and it was just one battle I wasn't going to fight. I didn't notice it at much, but I when we went to cloth when Paul was home, I noticed that the cloth didn't smell like the disposables did. I wonder why they put that added scent in there?