Tuesday, February 10, 2009

good day

Today has been a good day, despite getting up WAY too early for me. But even that was nice as I got to see the morning sun, and the moon setting, that was awesome. I wish I had taken a picture.

Paul and I took a nice nap too, and it seems he is asleep for the day, incredibly early, but expected with such a short night last night. I'm just waiting a bit because I hate getting all ready to sleep only to find out that no, Paul is not out for the night.

I'm also feeling refreshed in spirit, I really don't know why, just not feeling so isolated. It's great to find other people who make some of the choices you do. Also, it's nice to have a car that I can drive! :) Knowing I'm going to meet up with some friends this weekend is great, and then next week I will be meeting some other breastfeeding moms, so possible friendships there, or at least people to talk to! :)

Okay, back to normal life, litter box and laundry! :) Then sleep hopefully. :)

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