Tuesday, June 02, 2009


It's been awhile since being able to post to the blog. I wrote this about a month ago, about Trey.

RIP Trey - She was the kitty who I wrote about a few months ago with the Feline Leukemia. She died early this morning (May 9). It came so fast, as she had been doing pretty well, just not gaining weight. Don't really know what to think right now, we had known she wouldn't live for a long time, but also hadn't thought it'd be so soon!

Having cleaned out out room of her food, water and litter box, it's so lonely in there. Miss Trey and her beautiful green eyes. They were a shade of green that I have only seen in one other cat.

So far no other cats have shown any signs, so we are hopeful that they are okay.

*it's been a hard month, getting used to her not being here. I think it was hardest to take all her things out of the bedroom.

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