Friday, September 24, 2004

Another day is here :)

Well I guess I should clarify something. :) This is suppose to be alittle funny :), it's using humor to deal with things. So please don't think I'm here just complaining about brats! I enjoy what I am doing and really hope to be able to help the kids. They are teenagers so there's a lot of trial invovled.

I think I'll be adding Jayne this also so she can put her comments about the day as well :) I'm also going to add a 'this day in Julie's history' So sometimes it'll be real and others, well lets just say I don't and haven't lead a very interesting life, so some of it will be made up all in good fun! So enjoy, and I hope to hear from you all sometimes!

We had fun today, dispite not getting to blow things up, we got groceries though! And LOTS of them. I get to cook Salmon tomorrow evening. (Thanks Laura for introducing me to Salmon, what a great food I missed out on all of my life!).
Tomorrow I'm giving the kids their grades and they have to give this first report, this isn't going over well, but since it seems a good form of torture, I have decided that they will be getting another one on Monday! I'm such a nice teacher! :)
I worked this evening and it seems the boss is taking care of her grandchild who at the ripe old age of 8 months has a cracked skull. There is speculation as to How and child that same breaks his skull, so prayers that it's not what everyone is thinking.
Nothing else exciting is going on here, but tomorrow is a new day, and maybe we'll be blowing up some really cool things tomorrow!

Today in Julie history - Sept. 23 I went to my first boy girl party, at the age of 14, and in my first year of high school. I didn't know, nor did my parents that it was a boy girl party. The boys didn't spend the night, but I did sit on someone's thumb, not on purpose. It was fun, and really set the course for my freshmen year.

Thought for the day - fish love to eat shrimp pellets!

Good night all

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