Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Day One

Well this is day one of my blog. I have decided to write about being a nanny, the trials of trying to get teenagers to learn! Man, God sure is good giving kids to a person as BABIES. I'm coming in when they are teens, and it's not the prettiest thing to see! :)

Man! Kids sure are crabby! All you want to do is teach them and make them want to learn and do well. And all you get is crabby meanness! What's up with that! I guess trying to make them be decent kind humans with a love of the Faith is just something that makes them pissy!

On a positive note, we got to blow things up today! We got some dry ice and blew up water bottles, SO fun. You never grow out of wanting to blow things up. It was cool too! Those water bottles sure make a loud noise when they explode! I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids! I just might have to pick some of that up tomorrow so we can REALLY scare the neighbors!

Thought of the day - it's easy to piss a kid off, just make them do what they are suppose to do!
Hope for tomorrow - no crabby kids, and more blowing things up!

Please share your crabby kid stories and also an fun story about blowing things up :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! Keep yer chin up! It can only get better, RIGHT? ;-)

~Karen in Maine

Julie said...

Hi Karen, glad you stopped by. You are right, it can only get better. (and today was better). I will also add that this isn't a serious thing. I'm using humor to handle the ups and downs of teaching kids. So while these things happen I'm trying to put them here in a somewhat humorus way so that others can enjoy a laugh at my expense. :) I guess I should have said that. It's not a desperate cry for help :). Hope you stop by again :)