Thursday, June 21, 2007


feeling somewhat melancholy today. Maybe it's because I'm reading "Anna Karena" by Tolstoy, or cause Paul has decided sleep is evil :), so mommy is very tired. Maybe I just have a lot on my mind, I'm not sure. We are making lots of positive changes in our lives, and I know I'm pretty excited to see how they will work and help out in the long run. Also we are SO close on the annulment stuff. We had a dull period and now we are just like two pieces of information away. I can't wait until we get that all sent in. Just keep praying it all goes well and quickly! I'm anxious to see where it goes and hopeful to have a sacramental marriage. I think that's a lot of the mood today. We are on the verge of some very good things for us, many answered prayers, we just aren't quite there yet and the waiting is getting to me.
It's been troubling me lately about the differences in our parenting and what my parents think is normal. I don't want there to be strain there every time we see them, because we want Paul to have a lot of contact with them, and they have so much joy in seeing him and his cousin. It's just hard because we have such different ideals and thoughts and even goals. I don't want to make them feel bad or inferior or like we are judging them.
So I guess I'm just thinking too much! who would think I was capable of thinking too much! :)


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