Friday, June 29, 2007

ahhhh peace

it has been raining for a day, right now I am enjoying a cup of tea and quiet, oh blissful quiet! Listening to the rain since I opened up the windows today. I always hate when you go from the season of open windows (spring and fall) to that of closed. I love hearing the sounds of nature. Not so much the sounds of loud neighbors, but I love the birds!

It has been a kind of rough few weeks for me. I missed my meds one day and it has taken so long to get back to 'normal'. Also I had gotten horribly behind on house work and I HATE that feeling. I like a mostly uncluttered house with mopped and vacuumed floors. It feels so clean! :)

For the longest while I was really struggling with the housewife part of being a SAHM, but I have taken a new look at it and maybe even surrendered myself to it. My home is my work, as are my child/children. I know pride is bad, but I take pride in them. I feel they are my responsibility and when it's done right I feel good. I know to some that is sad, but to me it seems perfectly normal for the life we have chosen.

I got called crazy by my mom yesterday! It was in reference to me saying we'd like a food processor to help up make some of our food. She wanted to know what we were doing that a blender wouldn't work for. I told her peanut butter. She said "you can read the labels and see what's in it at the store", then called me crazy and said she had a 21st century hippy daughter. I like that, because it's true. We are trying to live a very simple life. One not filled with consumerism. We LIKE making our own food and knowing EXACTLY what is in it. Is it easier, of course not. But it's what we strive for.

Oh the topic of housekeeping. Chip bought me a new mop because I have the saddest excuse for one currently. It is AMAZING. I thought there was no mop that could get into the grooves of this floor, so I'd have to scrub it normally to make it clean. This mop does that too! No scrubbing needed! Lets just hope the cats don't rip it apart like the other one!

Okay, off to reply to a few posts people left for me.



bethalice said...

Ok, Please share what kind of mop! Is it child friendly? That is, can my children use it? LOL!

Julie said...

I don't remember what it was called, but I'll describe it. We got it at China-mart. It is one of those cotton rag type mops, you know with the yarn looking strings??? But it's not the cheapest one, it's the next step up. It has a scrubbing center, which is just a whole bunch of really short piece of the mop string stuff. It works super well. Way better than the cheapy one you can get and better than the sponge mop thing I had first. Next time we are there I'll look for the name :). I'd say it's kid proof! :)