Monday, May 05, 2008

bunch o stuff

Lots going on here! Paul is starting to talk. He says plane, bird, cat and tree. LOVES things that are in the sky!

I know some really enjoyed the joy thing. I'm still working on that. Seeing the positive in things as much as I can. I still generally react at first with negative but can at least point out a few positive things. Prayer has helped, that and trusting God. Or at least trying too!

Also have resigned myself to a few things that I had been fighting and using as excuses. This has really helped. It may sound defeatist but I don't feel that way. I see it as excepting the situation for what it is. Like we don't have a kitchen, but we do have a hot plate and a toaster oven. So just making due with what I have and not being pissy because I can't make 'real' meals.

We were suppose to go to CT this month to work on his dad's house, but work didn't give Chip the time off. Was also going to be used to get the new siding up. So we'll see how that goes! Chip did get the lawn mower and weed eater working. The yard is beautiful! Never thought I'd ever have a yard that was mine, of course this isn't really mine, we still have to rent the lot. That's another thing I've come to terms with. We don't like it here much at all (the trailer park), but we are going to be here for a few more years. Can't save any money until the garnishment is gone (a year left) and then it'll take a year to two to save up enough to move the trailer to OUR land, where ever that may be! So I'm trying to find the good in being here, we are making the yard nice and accepting that this is it for us, as sad as that may make us.

I'll try to get pictures of the yard tomorrow. I need to take a few before pictures anyway so we can see what we have done to the trailer.

I should go, I don't want to have to cut it short if Paul wakes. He's either got allergies or a cold, so he's not been sleeping well at all. I have seasonal allergies, so it would kind of make sense for him to have them. Have ho idea where he'd have gotten a cold!


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