Sunday, May 25, 2008

up early

It is odd for me to be up this early! Paul woke up when Chip left for work and has been happily playing ever since (almost and hour!). I'm kind of surprised myself!

He just crawled into the cat crate, and now has figured out how to get on top so he can see the turtle. His ability to climb never ceases to amaze me! He is all toddler boy lately!

On the subject of Paul, he is also talking up a storm. He now points and asks 'what' to everything. He wants to know what everything is, too cute!

I think waking up early has hit him, so I'll put a couple pictures in here and then go.This is Paul about a month ago. You can't see it in his hand, but he has the poker from the wood stove, you can see the ask all over his legs! He LOVES that thing and actually slept with it that night.

I just took this to put on here to go with the cat carrier story. He is standing on top of it, and that's the turtle's cage, and of course, there's a cats tail (Moonshine) hanging down too. :) He was very happy to be up there. Okay, Off to get him to sleep again, he's SO ready! :)


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