Tuesday, October 20, 2009

back online

Well for a little bit anyway, hopefully through winter. We'll see :)

Now to get back in the swing of things and get caught up. I think that task may be not possible!



beanjeepin said...

I was JUST thinking of you a day or two ago! How are things?

Julie said...

I have been thinking about you too, I knew you had to have the babies by now.

Things are pretty good. Getting close to the end here, getting nervous as it's kind of all hitting me that there is REALLY a baby coming. Don't know how I missed that one! :) Trying to treasure the time I have with Paul and enjoying all the cuddling he'll give, which is mostly at night in his sleep :).

How is it going with the twins? Were you able to take some time from the day care? How did the boys adjust to the new ones?

beanjeepin said...

they were born 9-19. I can send the birth story if you'd like, just give me your email. I took V back, but not the other two. The boys are taking advantage of everything, but that's to be expected!!