Monday, October 26, 2009

finally and update after the long break

First a few random musing.

Wic changed everything foodwise, which for the most part is a good thing. The part that really is frustrating me is the juice. We get so little now, and the juice we have to get for Paul is the kind in a plastic bottle. I hate plastic. And I was reading the ingredients and there are things in there to 'maintain color and flavor'. Why can't I just get a nice frozen thing for him? Why does it have to be that crap? I actually think I'm going to write them about it. I can get frozen juice, but not Paul, doesn't really make much sense.

I think I broke my toe this morning too, and also ripped the nail almost all off. It hurts, a lot. I need some flip flops so I can run errands, shoes are NOT happening today! :)

So for updates. Not a lot has really happened in the last few months. Paul has gotten bigger and talks all the time. He's pretty well able to communicate what he wants/needs/likes. I don't think there is a word he hasn't at least attempted to say, he's also starting to have more conversations, which is kind of neat. He said 'I love you' for the first time the other day, of course it was to the cat, Coby. It was said as he was mauling him :).

Pregnancy is almost over. It has been a pretty easy one, not many issues at all. Our midwife is wonderful. I spend all month (or week or whatever time span it is) looking forward to the visits. She is exactly what we needed. I am looking forward to having a homebirth this time, especially as much as we had wanted one last time. Not feeling and labor vibes yet, and today is my due date, I think, maybe it's tomorrow. I never really put much stock in those things, I'd rather have a 'due month' or 'due season'.

Well someone is stirring so I should end this before he jumps on daddy :).


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