Monday, December 21, 2009

I little bit about Dolores

Today she is about 7.5 weeks old. I'm mostly writing this for me, so I remember, as I remember nothing of Paul's early days/weeks. Makes me sad sometimes that I can't recall anything, I don't know if that was the PPD or the meds to help, or normal.

She's somewhere around 11 pounds, probably closer to 11.5. Out of newborn clothes and diapers. Loves looking at faces and is trying so hard to laugh. She likes it when Paul plays next to her, just watches. She's a pretty content baby as long as her tummy is full and there's no burp being trapped in there! While Paul was more sit back and take it all in, serious is what we called him, she seems more active in her taking in. Always looking around to see what's going on, very alert. I think she'll be a jump before looking kind of kid, whereas Paul looks first. :) It's so interesting to me to see the differences between them and seeing her personality grow and bloom. I know I said this a lot with Paul, but babies really ARE people. Somewhere in my up bringing I got the impression that babies were just blobs, but they really aren't. Each is it's own person, with own personality and soul.

Now a little about her physical traits. She has a tiny bit of a cleft chin, not as deep as Paul's. She has the bent pinkies (like me) from my dad's side - the chin comes from there as well. Most interesting is her eyes, they are blue! They look green from the side, but straight one they are very blue! Now to figure out how to get pictures without red eye!

Now a picture, she's about 6 weeks old here and we were trying to get one of her smiles, but the camera has a huge delay!

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